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$179 per month

At CrossFit Recharge we understand the pain and confusion of tiered payment plans, so we are offering the lowest UNLIMITED flat rate for CrossFit gyms in Orange County, to everyone.**

Recover Package

$79 per month

This includes unlimited access to all of our recovery therapies as a separate package, to schedule as you please. You would purchase on only the months you think you will need/want it. Giving you access to the Red Light Therapy, Salt Therapy, ColdPlunge & Infrared Sauna.


$228 per month

If you bundle them together, you will get a deep discount on the recovery package. Unlimited access to the CrossFit Gym, All Classes, and Unlimited access to the Recovery Equipment. Which includes Red Light Therapy, Salt Therapy, ColdPlunge, Infrared & Sauna.

**ALL MILITARY, FIRST RESPONDERS, TEACHERS, STUDENTS, FAMILIES, AND FRIEND GROUPS get discounted pricing.  Contact us for at for that information.

Other plans


$180 for 10 sessions

pay-in-full, for the year: 


open gym only:


cancellation policy:

We get it… Life is messy, and things happen.  So, cancel any time and receive your refund for the days remaining in that month.  

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