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Welcome to...

Crossfit Recharge

The ultimate CrossFit experience that combines intense functional workouts with cutting-edge recovery therapies.


At CrossFit Recharge we believe that success is not just about how hard you work, but also about how well you recover. That's why our motto is "work, recover, repeat". We know that every time you push yourself to the limit in a workout, your body needs to recover and recharge in order to come back stronger. We've designed our gym to maximize both effort and rest. We believe this comprehensive approach to CrossFit will be a game changer not only in your workouts, but in your life!  

CrossFit Recharge gym facility

The work...


This will keep you on track, and help you stay motivated on the days where you will literally come up with any excuse to not make it to the gym.


Tell us what you want, and together we will plan your strategy. There is no goal too small, nor dream too big!  GO FOR WHAT YOU WANT!  We are 100% behind you living your best possible life, and we fully support you!


Go to class, push yourself, and have fun! Embrace the challenge of it, and after… celebrate your efforts with your fellow gym mates and new friends! Reward yourself even with new workout gear!


We wanted to create a space that our members would visit daily! Not just for a great CrossFit workout, but also for needed recovery! A perfect way for you to spend your time here on an "off day", or before/after a workout… step into one of our newly renovated shower rooms to put on a bathing suit or gym shorts (and possibly a robe from home) then head over to your reserved red light room. There you will enjoy a gently warming, feel-good, Red-Light Therapy session for no longer than 10 minutes to rev up your mitochondria for energy production, boost the benefits of healing, lessen inflammation, and get your body on the road to perfect health.


After that, you will enter our Salt Therapy Chamber, put on some headphones, and either sit or lay down for a deeply relaxing, and calming, guided 20 minute meditation with chromotherapy. As you relax and breathe deeply, the finely ground salt is gently pulsed through the air, to aid and heal your lungs, sinuses, skin, and adrenals.


Now then, you could stop there, but then you would be missing out on all of the benefits of cold therapy! So, to wake up before heading back into the world… take a minimum 3 minute dip in the Plunge pool! Cold therapy is amazing, and if you have never tried it, you will not understand me when I say, the cold can be oddly soothing.


Finally, rinse off in our beautiful showers, get dressed, grab a coffee or tea on us, and then head back out into the world knowing you just went to the gym and feel completely refreshed, ready and recharged to take on anything!


"The secret of success is, constancy to purpose." - This quote from Benjamin Disraeli emphasizes the importance of staying focused on our goals and consistently working towards them. Repeating, being consistent with your workouts and taking care of your recovery will result in only one thing… getting what you truly want. Reaching your goals, achieving your “why” only requires one commitment...

do not give up, just repeat!

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." 
Winston Churchill

Why crossfit recharge

Because CrossFit training is more than just a workout - it's a way of life.  A place where we instill in ourselves that we need to “embrace challenge, and celebrate effort”. We believe in pushing ourselves to our limits and constantly improving, but also taking a moment to honor our effort and recognize when we are at our limits. Our experienced coaches are passionate about helping you achieve your full potential, and whether you're an aspiring competitor or just starting out, our scalable workouts and recovery therapies are designed to meet you where you're at and help you reach new heights.  With all of that, and our supportive community, you'll have everything you need to succeed.  We hope you will join us at CrossFit Recharge to discover what you're truly capable of, and Recharge your life!

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